A Home for the Poetically Deceased

Never mess with the sacred chickens
I mainly post about tv on my LJ with the odd rant about other things. Like hockey, though that is rather rare these days. I do still love my team though - Carolina, all the way, baby. I spent too many years of supporting them as the Hartford Whalers to ever give up on them.

I tend to go around and friend people because they talk about things that I find interesting and I want to keep track of their journals. I usually try and introduce myself shortly thereafter so you don't think I am a mad internet stalker; obviously, if I have friended you and this bothers you please let me know. And if anyone for whatever demented reason wants to friend this journal please feel free to do so.

My user name is taken from Catullus and his poems about his girlfriend's (Lesbia) sparrow, which ups and dies on her. It's all very tragic and romantic. Well, until he gets all stalkerish and bitter about the relationship, but you can't have everything.

And in the random category, a quotation from Father Ted:

Ted : You know the phrase 'to take care of something'? Well, I realise now that you meant that in a sort of Al Pacino way. Whereas I was thinking more along the lines of Julie Andrews.